Not My Job - 155

July 23, 2017


So what do we get paid to do as educators?

When you sign on to work in schools there may be things that you are expected to do that you didn't realize were part of the job.

Do we get paid to teach?

Do we get paid to be at work?

Do we get paid to prepare for school?

Do we get paid to run the school?


There are many aspects of our jobs that are expectations and really just come with the territory. Unfortunately, some of our colleagues don't think that they should have to do anything beyond just what they think is the general description of the job.


Today, I'm talking about the need for self-starters and those who show initiative. It is a requirement of our work with kids. We have to be proactive, trouble-shooters, and problem solvers. 

Something to think about.


Length: 21:49


Why do you do what you do? - 154

July 17, 2017


Why do you do what you do?

Have you thought about it? If so or if not, how could you use those thoughts to keep you focused on what matters?

I recently read Simon Sinek's book, Start With Why. Simon notes, "we say what we do, sometimes how we do it, but we rarely say why we do it." (p.39)

Do we rarely say why, because we are not really sure?

By the way, this question is deeper than to make money and to pay bills.

I am asking you to rethink about why you wanted to teach.

Simon made me think about Why we teach. Why we work with kids. Why we focus on helping kids achieve their dreams.

How would you answer if you were asked why you work with kids?

Once you answer this question, post it near your work space and see if you can use the answer to help give you that extra boost to get through those rough days.


Check out Simon Sinek's web site Start with Why





Rethinking Classroom Space - 153

July 11, 2017


I have a unique opportunity right now. I am overseeing the repurposing of an elementary school that was originally built in the 60's. It is now becoming an education training center. The other day, I peered into one of the old classrooms and it was empty- completely empty. No desks, tables, chairs, closets, bookcases, bulletin boards, whiteboards, shades, blinds, cabinets, or sinks. Nothing. Bare walls. No carpeting. Nothing.

Seeing the empty space it made me think...what would I want to put in this physical space. It was overwhelming at first but then my brain started working.

Today the show is about what you would put in the physical space. By the way, I ask you to forget technology right now and just focus on the furniture.

So what would be important to you if a magic genie came along and gave you three wishes to fill this room to get ready to work with the kids? 

What would you wish for?

Thanks for listening.

Checkout Episode 144 for my talk about 11 Wants for My Ideal Classroom

Length: 13:58


Superheroes - 152

July 6, 2017


With all of the focus on superheroes, I thought that I would reflect on those individuals who made a difference in my life. They are my superheroes. They all had something in common. They ...

1. Believed in me

2. Encouraged me

3. Pushed me.

So how about you? Do you have superheroes in your life? Do you have those people who believed in you, encouraged you, and pushed you? They made a difference in your life, right?

Let's take it to the next level,  can you promise to take that step this school year and believe, encourage, and push?

Promise. Take the challenge.

Do it and you will make a difference in someone else.

Thanks for listening.


Length: 29:15


3 Ways to Stay in Contact with Parents- 151

June 26, 2017


3 Ways to Stay in Contact with Parents:

1. Postcards

2. Your Own YouTube Channel

3. Use Google Voice


Today, I'm talking about making a promise to use your summer to learn and use a new way to stay in contact with the parents of your students. What do you think? Could you be better at contacting parents and if so could postcards, YouTube, or Google Voice help you?

Check out the links below for some help.


For More Information:

The Frugal Filmaker

How to make Videos with Your Phone

YouTube Help

US Post Office


Length: 18:35